About Joint Dynamics

Joint Dynamics is a world leader in joint assessment technology.
Established in Sydney Australia in 2000, Joint Dynamics is the Home of the JFAS and IntelliMove systems.

  • 2000

    Initial talks between brother Richard and Michael Creswick about measuring joint function

  • 2002

    Development is in full swing

  • 2005

    Initial Market research comes back with positive response for the need of such technology

  • 2006

    First in house conclusive results that the technology can identify between maximal and sub-maximal effort

    First patents filed, (the life of our Patents is 20 years from this date. So till 2026)

  • 2008

    refinement of the prototype machine to allow for a larger range of applied torque

  • 2010

    Initial findings showing the ability to measure what level of effort was applied.

  • 2011

    Start of development for the machine to automatically make the decision of what effort was applied

  • 2013

    Further variations and techniques tested to validate most accurate technology for the largest range of applications

  • 2014

    The decision is made to have a production machine industrial designed and prepared for a clinical trial

  • 2015

    Pre-production machine design and manufacture complete

    • Software complete for totally machine dependant identification of effort
    • Clinical Trial carried out

  • 2016

    Clinical Trial results finished

Our Team

  • Richard Creswick

    Technical Director

    Richard has an extensive track record in designing machinery, sensors and control systems that have proven to be world class. The majority of mil based baby food sold in the world today is packaged with Creswick designed equipment

  • Michael Creswick

    Medical Director

    Dr Michael Creswick is Clinical Associate Professor at Macquarie University teaching Musculoskeletal Medicine. He has been an Assessor of Permanent Impairment for MAA NSW. He is a Reviewer for the AMA Journal. He is in active clinical practice in Musculoskeletal Medicine.

  • Michael Gardner

    Lead Software Developer

    Michael is an experienced software developer who specializes in overseeing large scale projects that require unique and adaptive realtime software.

  • Ben Creswick

    Hardware Development

    Ben has a wide expertise in hardware design and installation. He has worked for numerous industry bodies to design, install and test new hardware and equipment and to make sure things are running as per specifications