The world’s most accurate & accessible means
of measuring Range Of Movement.

Years ahead

The SmartMove is the first truly smart digital goniometer and digital goniometer in one compact unit with plenty of flexible options for measuring other joints and gaining valuable data on compound joint movements.
The basic kit which covers the ability to measure all major joints that a goniometer or inclinometer can measure.
The device was designed to be as accurate and as fast as possible to use whilst having the ability to record measurements without the need for a pen and paper and to remove the chance of inter and intra tester reliabilities.

Unassisted readings

The wearable concept allows for the readings to be totally unassisted or assisted through the ability to aid the person through the range with both range without the need to be holding a device. Current methods of measuring Range Of Movement requires 2 hands in most applications and 1 hand in others. These methods can allow the introduction of human error whilst trying to follow the limb or part moving.

Full iPad integration

• Displays ROM on your Iphone or Ipad
• Hands free operation.
• Paperless recording of data.•
• Inter & Intra-tester error free testing
• Historical progress recorded via App.•
• Reports can be emailed directly to customers.•
• Accurate ROM measurement to within 0.5º.
• Designed & engineered in Australia